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I’d like to thank you all for the excellent feedback we received over the past few weeks regarding our debut issue of the Life Partners Position Holder Trust (PHT) newsletter. We’ve incorporated some of that feedback in this month’s issue and ask that you continue to share your ideas with us about how this communications tool can be more useful to you.

There are some important items that we began sending to LPI investors in June. First, we began making payments to Continuing Fractional Holders. We anticipate that we will clear the backlog of CFH payments in July. As a reminder, the PHT cannot pay investors who have not sent in a W-9.

Second, in June we began sending out bills for the premiums that are due on life insurance policies owned by investors in the Cash 1 and IRA 4 options. If you receive a bill from us, it’s essential that we receive your payment prior to the specified due date. An investor who fails to pay a premium bill will be deemed to have contributed their ownership interest to the PHT pool.

You can read more about each of these items in more detail later in the newsletter.

I hope that you will find the articles in this month’s newsletter to be informative. If you have a suggestion of useful content for future issues, please email us at trustee@lpi-pht.com.



Eduardo S. Espinosa

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