September 15, 2017 – 2016 Tax Forms have been released by the PHT and the IRA Partnership

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This week the Position Holder Trust and the IRA Partnership distributed tax documents for the 2016 tax year. These documents cover the time period from December 9, 2016 (the Effective Date of the Plan) to December 31, 2016. Neither the Position Holder Trust nor the IRA Partnership had taxable income in 2016. We cannot provide you with tax, financial, or …

September 1, 2017 – PHT and IRA Partnership file Amended Registration Statement with the SEC

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As required by federal law, the PHT and the IRA Partnership have filed an Amended Registration Statement with the SEC. The Registration Statement contains a description of the PHT, the IRA Partnership and the Plan as well as an audited financial statement for 2016 and unaudited financial statements for the first six months of 2017. You can find a copy …

August 31, 2017 – Account Statements distributed by e-mail.

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The PHT is sending account statements to all investors on August 31, 2017. If you have an e-mail address on file, you should receive your account statement by e-mail on August 31.  If you do not have an e-mail address on file, you should receive your statement by regular mail in a few days. The account statements show the investors’ …

August 31, 2017 – The PHT Investor Portal is open

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The Investor Portal is live as of August 31, 2017. On it, you can download a variety of reports about your investments, including copies of statements and invoices. You can access the portal clicking on the link on the Investor Portal page of this website.  We have included your personalized log-in information (user name and password) on your account statement.

The Trustee’s Corner

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I hope that the summer months are treating you well. We’ve been busy executing on the next stages in the operations of the Life Partners Position Holder Trust (PHT) and are pleased to provide you with some important updates in this month’s newsletter. The PHT and IRA Partnership are now public companies. This does not mean that any of the …

July 14, 2017 Podcast – The Trustee’s third podcast is available


In it, the Trustee provided a report on the maturities in the portfolio so far; and discussed topics of interest to investors such as, the status of the investor portal, the anticipated timing of distributions, the PHT’s recent registration as a public company and valuation of interests. and limitations on the sale of positions; and answered questions presented by investors. …

July 27, 2017 – Status of distributions to Continuing Fractional Holders

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As of July 27, 2017, the PHT was up to date on distributions to the Continuing Fractional Holders. The PHT has collected the policy proceeds on 32 post-effective maturities. It has distributed all of those proceeds in accordance with the Plan. These policies are listed on the Maturities page. The policy proceeds totaled about $43 million of which $17.5 million …