Litigation over Policy 23150 Resolved

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The PHT has resolved the litigation regarding Policy 23150. During a court-ordered mediation, the PHT was able to settle the case for nuisance value. As a result, the PHT is now able to distribute the proceeds of this policy to the CFHs and to the PHT. We anticipate that we will include the proceeds of Policy 23150 in the September distribution to CFHs. The CFHs that invested in Policy 23150 will receive a letter from the Trustee explaining the settlement.
If you do not have a CFH interest in Policy 23150, please do not contact the Trustee’s office — or Magna Servicing — for further information regarding this lawsuit or the settlement. All of the information that we can provide to investors who do not have a CHF interest in the policy will be provided through the website and/or the newsletter.