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I hope that the summer months are treating you well. We’ve been busy executing on the next stages in the operations of the Life Partners Position Holder Trust (PHT) and are pleased to provide you with some important updates in this month’s newsletter.

The PHT and IRA Partnership are now public companies. This does not mean that any of the securities issued under the Plan will trade publicly or that the transfer restrictions contained in the Plan Documents have been waived. What it does mean is that we will file annual and quarterly reports with the SEC, which we will also make available on the PHT website. These reports — particularly the annual reports — will contain information as to the net worth of the PHT and IRA Partnership, which you or your tax advisor can use to calculate the value of your interests for tax purposes.

We are also now caught up on distributions to Continuing Fractional Holders. The PHT has distributed the benefits of all matured policies on which it had collected payment from the insurers as of the middle of July.

I recently recorded a podcast in which I discuss the status of the portfolio, the timing of distributions and other issues of interest to the investors. You can download that recording on the Trust’s website and review at your convenience.

I’d like to thank you once again for the excellent feedback we received regarding our monthly newsletter. Please continue to share your ideas with us about how this communications tool can be more useful to you by e-mailing us with any suggestions at

Meanwhile, I hope that you will find the articles in this month’s newsletter to be informative. Thank you for your interest.



Eduardo S. Espinosa

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