PHT’s March Newsletter Released

You should have received a copy of the Newsletter by e-mail. 

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Tax documents for the PHT and IRA Partnership

We are in the process of mailing out the tax documents for the PHT and IRA Partnership.

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New Tax Document

2017 Explanation of Tax Reporting Information for PHT Unit Holders Now Available.

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Action Items – What we need from you? 

Please do not wait until the last minute to send in premium checks

  • The PHT must receive your premium check by the due date on each invoice. The postmark date does not count.
  • The Plan does not allow the Trustee to waive late payments. If the PHT does not receive a premium check by the due date, the position will be defaulted into the pool. You should note that the waiver of the discount penalty for positions that are pooled due to non-payment of premiums will expire soon.

This website is dedicated to disseminating information to the recipients of the securities issued by the Position Holders Trust or the IRA Partnership, pursuant to the Plan. If you elected to rescind your investment or are otherwise participating in the Creditors Trust, please click here to be redirected to the Creditors Trust’s website.