Billing Procedures

How we bill you for premiums


The Trust bills Continuing Fractional Holders once a year for premiums owed with respect to each position. If you hold multiple positions you will receive a separate bill for each position you hold. The billing notice is sent on or about 120 days before the insurance carrier must be paid the premium. The amount of the bill is based upon our best information as to what the premium is going to be. You are only billed for your portion of the premium based upon the percentage of the policy you own.  If the actual amount of the premiums paid to the insurance company is less than what you were billed, the excess amount you paid is placed in your escrow account. If the actual amount of the premiums paid to the insurance company is more than what you were billed, your portion is assessed with a lien for the shortage. A sample billing notice is attached here. It gives you 60 days to pay the bill. A reminder notice is sent to you 30 days later just in case you didn’t get the first one. A sample of the reminder notice is attached here.

If you don’t pay the bill within 60 days then you are subject to being defaulted into the pool in which event you will receive PHT units equal to 80% of the position you held. The Trustee has been extremely lenient in allowing you to be a few days late because he realizes that life sometimes gets in the way but it is extremely important that you make every attempt to pay on time and that you pay the correct amount.

You can check your billing dates and address on the Investor Portal and we encourage you to do so. The Investor Portal also has copies of all your Invoices. Each position is billed in the same month each year, which allows you to know when to expect your future invoices and plan accordingly. If you do not receive an invoice timely, please contact NorthStar Client Services.

Beginning August 1, 2021, NorthStar implemented Paperless Billing. This provides an electronic copy of premium Invoices to Continuing Fractional Holders to the email address on file with the Trust. Invoices will continue to be sent by US Mail. For instructions on how to stop receiving your Invoices via the US Post Office, see Investor FAQs on Billing.