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Other than this website, the Trustee uses letters as the exclusive way to communicate with investors. They are sent out via email to each investor for whom we have an email address. If you do not currently receive these letters via email, but would like to do so, click here and follow the instructions to submit your email address. There is no regular schedule for sending letters. The Trustee does so when he has information that he believes to be important to tell investors. Generally, that occurs every couple of months. The letters are also posted below as they are sent out via email.

wdt_IDDateContent of LetterView or Download
103/20/2019Introduction, policies & premiums, collection of death benefits, financial status and distributionPDF
205/30/2019Size of the Trust, investor disputes, W-9sPDF
311/01/2019Upcoming distributionPDF
412/19/2019Tax forms to expect in 2020 and IRA custodian complaintsPDF
603/02/2020Grantor Letters and K-1sPDF
704/03/2020COVID-19 updatePDF
805/27/202010-K for year ending 2019, NorthStar Client Services to replace Magna Servicing effective November 1, 2020, revisions to website, and unit buy-back and retirement.PDF
908/27/2019Disputes & inquiries, maturities, what you own, IRA custodians, US Trustee fees, costs & expenses of TrustPDF
1006/24/2020Trustee’s new website ready soon and August distribution plannedPDF
DateContent of LetterView or Download

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